cPanel : How to Utilise User Manager
Posted by Saiful M. on 22 August 2023 12:49 PM

cPanel : How to utilise User Manager?

This feature allows you to manage your Subaccounts. Subaccounts use the same login and password for email, FTP, and Web Disk services. The system synchronises the password of each of the Subaccount's allowed services. 

Note : This interface does not allow you to create new cPanel accounts.

Furthermore, it is not possible to assign another user to the same cPanel account with any hosting plan because of the file system configuration. Let's get right into the steps:

1. Login to your cPanel > Preferences > User Manager

2. Click on Add User

3. Enter the user information for the new Subaccount:

Full Name: First and last name of the user
Username: Username for the Subaccount
Domain: Domain name for the subaccount
Contact Email Address: The system sends account notification and password reser confirmations to this email address

4. Choose one of the following options:

  • The user will set the account password: the user will receive an email with instructions on how to set the password to the email address you added earlier.
  • Set the user's password: you set the password on behalf of the user. The password should be entered and confirmed in the appropriate text boxes.

5. Select the Subaccount's services

6. Click on Create to finish, or Create and Add Another User to add a second Subaccount.

If the Subaccount's username matches the username of the existing Email/FTP/Web Disk account, the interface will prompt you with the option to link or cancel the new account creation. 

Email service allows you to enable the Subaccount's email address. For example, the user will get a username@domain email box. The Quota option defines how much hard drive space the Subaccount is entitled to.

FTP service allows you to manage your website's files. For example, the user will get a username@domain FTP account. The Quota defines how much hard drive space the Subaccount is entitled to and the Home Directory text box allows you to specify the Subaccount's FTP home directory.

The Web Disk utility allows you to manage and manipulate files on your server in multiple types of devices (for example, your computer, mobile phone, or certain types of software.

The Home Directory text box allows you to change the Subaccount's Web DIsk home directory. Permissions allows you to specify the Subaccount's home directory permissions:

  1. Read-Write: This setting grants this Subaccoun access to read, download, list and write files inside the directory.
  2. Read-Only: This setting only grants this account to read, download and list the files inside the directory

You must enable Digest Authentication if you use Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10, in order to access Web Disk over a clear text, unencrypted connection. You do not need to enable Digest Authentication if you meet the following conditions:

  • The domain has an SSL certificate signed by a recognised certificate authority.
  • You can connect to Web Disk with SSL over port 2078

Do not enable Digest Authentication if the domain uses a signed SSL certificate

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