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Posted by Maria K on 14 May 2020 03:55 PM

Affiliate Program Update

May 19, 2020

Ladies & Gents,

We are ready to Rock & Roll with our brand new in-house Affiliate portal, tailored to impart its users with ultimate simplicity and swift manoeuvre.

You may have noticed the recent unfortunate events that required our immediate attention and swift action in delivering an all rounded secure platform for your use. We thank you for your patience while we moulded the perfect solution within a reasonable time-frame.

As all existing affiliate accounts were disabled on the previous portal, we kindly ask you to re-register on the new and improved platform. We advise you to axe-out all of the previous unique links from the old portal on your website(s) etc. and replace them with the new dedicated affiliate link from the latest platform launched.

Should you be an existing Shinjiru user, you may access the Affiliate tab from your Shinjiru billing portal (located right after “Open Ticket” tab. For all non-existing Shinjiru members who wish to purely be Shinjiru Affiliates, kindly sign up over on

All Affiliates, whether OG’s or new joiners, will be eligible for the USD10 New Sign Up Commission!

Affiliate Team




May 14, 2020

Dear Affiliates,

We have recently had to undergo a System Provider (SP) update in an expeditious manner as the previous SP notified us of an infrastructure critical vulnerability that cased the platform’s instability. Enclosed you may refer to one of the email communications proving the sudden downtime experienced on May 4th. To ensure data safeguard, we provisioned an immediate suspension on all accounts.

Any Affiliates with pre-approved commission on the previous portal will not lose their commission. While it was impractical to carry the commission forward to the new portal, your Account Manager has manually recorded all the records up until the 13th of May, allowing you to cash-out your balance upon request to

All Affiliates will be able to create a new Affiliate Account on an in-house portal that is established and coffer. As always, we thank you for your continued support and patience while we coordinated a more secure solution interlinked to our own in-house system, ensuring ultimate reliability.

Your Account Manager is ready to answer any of your queries, feel free to email to wrap up any approved-pending cash-out commissions.

Keep an eye on for a brand new face-lift, allowing you access to the new portal. An announcement will be posted soon with all the details to get you started. Once ready, you are advised to login to the new platform and create your account to access a new unique link that you may use instead of the suspended links from the previous platform.

Affiliate Team


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