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RESOLVED - Reporting A Downtime - HWN107909
Posted by Maria K on 15 September 2020 12:24 PM

Posted On September 15, 2020 13:12PM



We thank you for your patience. 

The reported outage has been resolved. All IP's involved have been moved to a new node.

IP address's associated with the reported alert remain unchanged, including your usernames & passwords. 

Your service should be functioning within its full capacity. If you are facing any issue, please drop us a ticket to to investigate.

Team Shinjiru




Posted On September 15, 2020 12:25PM



Please be mindful that IP's residing on node HWN107909 are experiencing a slight downtime.

We advise all users to be patient as our Network Engineers reboot the node & confirm that it is back to its full capacity.

An update will follow within the next one hour.


Team Shinjiru

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