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Emergency Hosting Migration: Server ( - COMPLETED


Dear Valued Customer,


Good day and we are glad to inform you that, finally account migration to new hardware have been completed. 


It is possible for some websites not to work due to incompatible MySQL Password / PHP Version. Original password used an old and insecure format that is incompatible with MySQL version (5.7.32) which in return will not be able to establish connection to database. If you experience "Database Connection Error", please manually change the password for database user both in cPanel and your webfiles to ensure that applications that use the credentials will continue to function.


 If you have any inquiries, kindly submit a ticket to us via or find us at Skype: Shinjiru121  !!


Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.


NOTE: If your account is no longer active in this server, kindly ignore this notice


Farah A.
Technical Admin
Shinjiru Web Hosting | Building Trust Online

Emergency Hosting Migration: Server (
Dear Valued Customer,
Server Main IP:
Server Hostname:
Date & Time: 11th June 2021 @ 10am (GMT+8).
Duration: 24 Hours
Please be informed that we will be performing Major Server Maintenance in which your account currently being hosted on this coming Friday 11th June 2021, beginning at 10.00 am (GMT+8). We apologize for the short notice; however, we identified server disks in our hardware beginning to deter that leading up to sluggish server performance and possible data loss may follow if no immediate action taken. Since more than one disk is affected, we must apply these mission critical migration of all the accounts to newly configured and patched hardware at our earliest opportunity. Besides, currently you're hosted in obsolete Operating System, Web, MySQL, and PHP Version that subjects to vulnerability.
This maintenance will cause intermittent interruption of services in between. Rest assured that we will take every possible step to speed up the whole process. The expected maintenance window is 24 hours; with each account to encounter about an hour of downtime with up to 24 hours difference in data while it is being migrated. Therefore, we recommend that customers avoid amending or upgrading anything in your account during this time frame to avoid potential data loss issues.
If you have any inquiries, kindly submit a ticket to us via or email
You may also reach us via Skype: Shinjiru121  !!
Your cooperation and understanding are highly appreciated. Thank you
King regards,
Farah A.
Technical Admin
Shinjiru Web Hosting | Building Trust Online

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