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Dear Valued Customer,
ATTENTION: Hosting Account IP Replacement for Server ''
Start Date & Time : 14th September 2021 @ 10.00 GMT+8
End Date & Time: 14th September 2021 @ 11.00 GMT+8
Please be informed that we will be replacing some of the IP's hosted in this server. This change is unavoidable since these IP Addresses will become unreachable soon. Following are the list of current and your new replacement IP Address.

***** -> -> -> -> -> -> ->
This maintenance may cause intermittent interruption for your hosting account due to DNS Propagation. We notice that some of you are not using our server Nameserver (NS), therefore you will need to update your domain / hosting to the new IP as specified above.
We will take every possible step to speed up the whole process. If you have any inquiries, kindly submit a ticket to us via or email or find us at Skype: Shinjiru121  !!
NOTE: If your account is no longer active on this server, kindly ignore this notice.
Thank You.
Farah A.
Technical Admin

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