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Shinjiru Cloud Network issue -- COMPLETED
Posted by Palvin J. on 18 March 2023 04:39 AM


Dear Customers,

Effected Customers who was not able to contact Shinjiru have been emailed on information pertaining on the IP change.

Email is based on their Login Username in Shinjiru Cloud.

Please Update your Domain or any other IP pointing to your new assigned Public IP in Shinjiru Cloud.



Dear Customers,

For effected customers who did not contact Shinjiru yet, we will proceed to change your Public IP with all the network Rules will be recreated.

Please contact Shinjiru for your new IP installment information.

If there is domain pointing, please update your domain pointing and if there is clients connect back using IP needs to be updated as well.



Dear Customers,

The current IP pool in Cloud Network Services is corrupted and this is not recoverable.

For effected Cloud Customers please get hold of Shinjiru to change your Public IP to New Public IP.

Please pass your current:

Cloud Public IP

Cloud Login Username

Telephone number



Dear Customers,

Shinjiru Cloud is currently having network issues for some of Cloud Customers.

Our team is already working on to fix the issue.

Some clients on IP segment is effected.


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