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SECURITY ALERT : New updated Apache Version 2.4.25 [INFO]
Posted by Fatihah B. on 06 January 2017 02:43 PM
ATTENTION: All cPanel owners / administrators. 
Dear valued customers,
We were informed by our security team that cPanel, Inc. has released updated RPMs for EasyApache 4 on January 5, 2017, with Apache version 2.4.25.
This release addresses vulnerabilities related to CVE-2016-0736, CVE-2016-2161, CVE-2016-5387, CVE-2016-8740, and CVE-2016-8743. We strongly encourage all Apache 2.4 users to upgrade to version 2.4.25.
Our admin strongly advises all cPanel administrator to do necessary update and patching to prevent any injection in their website.
All versions of Apache 2.4 through version 2.4.23
The National Vulnerability Database (NIST) has given the following severity ratings to these CVEs:
CVE-2016-0736 - MEDIUM
Apache 2.4.25
Fixed bug in mod_session_crypto related to CVE-2016-0736
CVE-2016-2161 - MEDIUM
Apache 2.4.25
Fixed bug in mod_auth_digest related to CVE-2016-2161
CVE-2016-5387 - HIGH
Apache 2.4.25
Fixed bug in Core related to CVE-2016-5387
CVE-2016-8740 - HIGH
Apache 2.4.25
Fixed bug in mod_http2 related to CVE-2016-8740
CVE-2016-8743 - MEDIUM
Apache 2.4.25
Fixed whitespace parsing defects related to CVE-2016-8743
cPanel, Inc. has released EasyApache 3.34.10 with an updated version of Apache 2.4.25. Unless you have disabled EasyApache updates, the EasyApache application updates to the latest version when launched.
Run EasyApache to rebuild your profile with the latest version of PHP.
Fatihah B.
Customer Care Help Desk
247 LiveSupport Department
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