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Scheduled SharedServer Maintanence - 25th May 2019
Posted by Nishanti S on 13 May 2019 06:52 PM
Dear Affected Users,
You are receiving this email because one of your accounts is being hosted in server “” and as such, this server will be undergoing the following major maintenance on the said date and time:
Date: 25th May 2019(Saturday)
Time: 7am (GMT +8)
Server IP:
The purpose of the maintenance is to perform hardware replacement to increase the server’s stability, reliability and also its availability. Apart from that, the server also will be undergoing enhancements and optimizations in terms of the PHP settings (and version), MySQL settings and so on.
Basically, the maintenance will cover the following aspects:
1)            Replacement of hardware to newer built-in.
2)            Enhancing PHP modules and versions.
3)            MySQL version upgrade to version 5.7.
4)            Upgrade EasyApache 3 to EasyApache 4.
5)            Introduction of  LiteSpeed Web Server.
The Litespeed Web Server
The Litespeed Web Server is an alternative to the traditional Apache Web Server. It appears identical to the Apache, but with unbelievable performance improvement. In fact, the Litespeed Web Server (LSWS) is a high-performance Apache drop-in replacement. LiteSpeed comprises of impressive features and user-friendly web administration console that ensures a safe and fast web hosting environment.
Here are some impressive LiteSpeed features:
  • Apache Compatibility: One can avail features like mod_rewrite, mod_security, and .htaccess and Apache configuration files can be easily loaded by LiteSpeed.
  • Increased Performance: The LSWS gives more performance compared to the Apache. The secret behind the increased performance is its event-driven architecture. The LSWS can respond to thousands of requests at a time with low memory usage.
  • Reduce the page load times to half
  • Reduce the website response time significantly
  • Increase the number of concurrent websites served
  • Deliver lightening fast web applications through LiteSpeed cache solutions
Litespeed Cache (LSCache)
The LSCache behaves similar to the mod_cache in Apache. It works similar to Varnish. The usage of LSCache is not limited to PHP pages and caches the dynamic contents. The inevitable peculiarity of the LSCache is that it uses rewrite rules for better flexibility. These rewrite rules are implemented either in configuration files or in .htaccess files of each website. As the cache mechanism is built into the LiteSpeed web server, it eliminates the need or one layer of a reverse proxy resulting in increased performance.
As this is brand new for us we’re expecting a bug or two, but that happens with any new software. Like I said before, should you guys get any errors / weird behavior, we would really appreciate you reporting it to us. Even if it seems trivial or small, we can likely find a larger underlying
Apart from that, this new server will be using a new set of Nameserver as following: : :

You are required to change the Nameserver to above if :
i) Domain not registered under us
ii) Domain registered with us but technical contact not under Shinjiru.
iii) Domain registered with us but using own private NS (Not Shinjiru NS)

The domain that registered with Shinjiru and under our technical contact, need not worry as all the changes will be taken care of by us.

** Do note that the new IP assigned will be notified to you in email and if you did not receive such email, do submit a support ticket at
During the maintenance period, please avoid amending anything or access your account due to data inconsistency reasons. Also, there would be no downtime but propagation time during the NS changes.
We thank you for your patience in advance and if there is anything that we can assist you with, feel free to submit a support ticket at and one of our support staffs will be more than glad to assist you further.
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