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cPanel License Price Update Announcement
Posted by Adam L. on 28 August 2019 10:13 AM

Dear Customers,
cPanel has announced pricing and licensing adjustment for its partners and distributors. More info can be read here We want to highlight this update to you and its effect on your VPS and/or Dedicated Server plan(s).
Our updated prices are noted below for your perusal starting effectively from Sept 1 2019.

Old Plans

Only one type of CPANEL License which is "Unlimited Domain Accounts".

VPS - RM59.90 per month & Dedicated Server - RM139.90 per month

New Plans


- 5 Domains License - RM63.90 per month (Retail is USD20.00 aka RM84.00)

- 30 Domains License - RM96.90 per month (Retail is USD30.00 aka RM126.00)

- 100 Domains License - RM169.90 per month (Retail is USD45.00 aka RM189.00)
Dedicated Server

- New 100 Domains License - RM169.90 per month (Retail is USD45.00 aka RM189.00)
*For accounts over 100 domains, the cost will be an additional RM0.75 for each domain after the 100th.

Hence as you can see, there is a significant price increase in Cpanel License cost structure and yet we at Shinjiru is pricing our licenses below the retail price in order to absorb some of the impacts of the cost increase. However, we can't be following the old price until any next renewal of whatever invoices you have paid because we will be making a loss. We hope that when you are being contacted about your invoice adjustment or have to pay additional cost for this price hike, you understand and support us. For our resellers, you can show your customers the link so your end user customer will understand this. As for us, we already did our part by absorbing some of the price hike impact as shown above. Shinjiru is committed to render a value-filled set of plans, structured to ensure a balance in the system. We are proud to highlight, that even with this price-hike, we have managed to keep our selling price lower than cPanel's Market Price.

This update will be reflected starting from September 1, 2019, where invoices will be updated in set categories. We urge you to make note of this update and not be alarmed when your invoice is updated with the inclusion of the new price-hike.
As always, we are available over on Telegram @ ShinjiruHosting should you require any further clarification or support.

Thank you.

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